The 1st Budapest Multidisciplinary Spring Symposium will be held in Budapest, Hungary, between 5-8 June 2024.

The scientific program of the symposium will be available online at and offical web site .

The high level scientific program and the co-operation among blacksea countries will develop the future aspect of the emergency physicians, orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, internist, pediatrician, cardiologist in and family practice our region. In particular, the intersection of two branches, family medicine and general practitioners, will provide an opportunity for expert opinions in the management of hypertension treatment, cardiovascular risks, pain and spasm, acid-induced patients such as gastroesophageal reflux that family physicians and general practitioners frequently encounter.

The symposium is going to gather participants from Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, Macedonia and other Blacksea countries.

Approximate number of expected participants is 450-500. 200 doctor from Hungary, 50 doctors from Serbia, 50 doctor from Georgia, 40 doctors from Macedonia, 150 doctors from Turkey, 20 doctors from other countries.

We look forward to welcome you and colleagues in Budapest during the symposium.
Best Regards,

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